Tricarta Practice Areas


We look for clients with projects that are complex, critical to the company’s success, and that require a combination of experience, innovation, creativity, collaboration, communications, problem solving, commitment to results, diligence, and trust.

We want to apply our breadth and depth of knowledge, our experience, and our creativity and enthusiasm to make a significant contribution and impact to our client’s business.  We are not interested in projects that involve commodity skills, repetitive implementation of inflexible ways of doing business, or environments that stifle creativity, innovation and accountability.

Read about our practice areas below and how we make a difference for our clients.

What We Focus On



Technology & Management

Agile Coaching

Advise, coach and mentor executives and teams moving to Agile software development - what to expect, how people will respond, skills and training needed, selecting the right people for key roles, fostering accountability and teamwork, and decision making.

Professional Outsider

Bring an independent, objective view that is not watered down by the organization’s internal politics and history.  Whether it is evaluating organizational effectiveness, assessing skills and capabilities, or being a sounding board for new strategies and ideas, we see things as they are and provide objective findings, recommendations and advice.

Agile Development

Move teams to Agile software development methods to accelerate delivery, bridge the gap between business and technology, and move from inflexible sequential lifecycles to incremental/iterative lifecycles that produce results faster, are more flexible, and are more responsive to change.  Scrum is an Agile methodology we advocate and implement.

Automation and Improving Efficiency

Examine existing processes and find opportunities to improve efficiency, reduce rework, replace manual operations with automation, and use new technologies and methods such as cloud computing and crowd sourcing to get things done faster at less cost.

Software Estimating and Metrics

Apply established and emerging techniques for estimating software development effort, determining the size of software systems, measuring and assessing ongoing software development progress, and benchmarking against industry standards. 

Proposal Development

Work with organizations and teams to develop winning proposals, whether it be $1B programs, $100M task orders, $10M projects, $1M quick-hits, or $100K studies.  We’ve worked on some of the largest IT proposals in the federal government, and everything in between.  Win themes, bid strategy, team composition, solution formulation, cost estimating, key personnel, red team reviews, demonstration prototypes, and extracting nuggets from past performance.

Project Planning & Management

Over the years, we’ve found that our most significant contributions are in two key areas:

  1. Project Startups - when the right structures, teams, processes, methods, approaches, and tools need to be put in place

  2. Project Turnarounds - when projects get in trouble and need fast diagnosis, tactical fixes, efficiency improvements, better communications, technical remediation, and getting the right people doing the right things at the right time

Architecture and Engineering

Develop system and software architectures, analyze requirements and processes, create concepts of operation, design interfaces, modularity and service orientation, cloud computing architectures, development and test environments.

Cloud Computing Applications

Apply cloud computing capabilities like Amazon Web Services and Amazon Mechanical Turk to more quickly and cost-effectively build prototypes, implement production applications, process data, support agile development and test methodologies, and foster continuous innovation.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Tricarta is an AWS Solution Provider Partner.  In that capacity we work with clients to help them understand Amazon Web Services cloud offerings and how they could support their projects and applications.  We also develop and evaluate business cases, define requirements and functionality, identify potential AWS solutions, create solution architectures, develop prototypes, design and develop AWS-based applications and infrastructure, and define development/test strategies and processes.

Software Development & Test

Software development in Java, Ruby, .Net, SOA - for web applications, online transaction processing, information sharing, embedded real-time systems, and cloud computing environments.

Verification & Validation

Evaluating projects, systems, software, and deliverables to assess quality, suitability for intended purpose, and conformance with best practices.